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About Us


Through our FCP product range, we offer investment solutions with controlled volatility.

We are an active manager with a focus on delivering participation in upside markets but simultaneously protecting investors against downside risks.

Our equity strategies in particular stand out:

GAMAX Funds Junior - a young consumer themed Global Equity Fund with 16 years of history and a pioneer of global thematic investing and GAMAX Asia Pacific Fund - an unconstrained Asia Pacific including Japan equity strategy, both managed by DJE Kapital AG.

Our equity investment strategies provide an opportunity to participate in the long-term development of Global or Asian markets, while minimising the risk of permanent impairment of capital thanks to a low volatility approach.

We have a high conviction, long term approach to investing and we believe we can generate returns through active and unconstrained management. The index is not our starting point when building portfolios, instead we focus on controlling downside risks at all stages of the process.

The enviable risk-adjusted returns of the GAMAX equity funds have been earned by the multi award winning team at DJE Kapital AG (our Portfolio Manager) who focus on fundamental research to select stable, quality businesses, with durable franchises exhibiting strong earnings growth and consistent cash flow. This is combined with a tried and tested investment framework refined over 25 years which provides a forward looking insight on the dynamic trade-off between the three key factors driving equity markets: fundamental metrics, the monetary environment and market sentiment (FMM framework).