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GAMAX Funds Maxi-Bond is invested primarily in Italian government bonds with a view to achieve short-to-medium term capital growth and generate income while limiting fluctuations in capital. Suited for the more risk adverse investor with a focus on income.

We leverage our independent, fundamental research to exploit market inefficiencies. We formalise our macro view through our proprietary investment framework Med³®.The main sources of investment opportunities for the fund are strategies such as duration, yield curve and relative value.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Active management including the management of interest rates and currencies
  • Low risk product with a focus on high quality issuers (government bonds)
  • Prudent risk management
  • Capital appreciation and dividend income
  • High liquidity - Fund units can be bought or sold on any business day
  • Ideal for achieving stable returns over time
  • Retirement savings accumulation with a low risk profile (suitable for later stages in savings path)
  • Savings schemes from as little as EUR 50 per month
Fund Data
Management company:
Mediolanum International Funds Limited
Depository bank:
RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., Luxembourg
Legal form:
Regulatory status:
Registered in:
Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy
Launch date of Fund:
Fund assets (millions):
500.33 EUR (31.05.2016)
Fund currency:
Distribution policy:
Dividend Payments
Issuing premium:
3.63% (of NAV)
Management fee:
Advisory fee:
Performance Fee:
Maximum fee is 1% annually, calculated as 20% of the increase of the net asset value in excess of the High-Water-Mark plus a hurdle rate of 1%.